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Car Garage

Conventional System

More than 75% of soap solution drops on the ground while application.

The soap solution does not stick to the car body and drains out just after applications.

The applicator/user gets tired even after one vehicle wash.

The applicator hands remain in contact with solution for a longer duration. Thus affecting his skin and helath.

The applicator has to move a lot from up-down to left right to cover the whole car body. A time taking process.

Supreme Garage Systems

A Zero wastage formula of soap solution.

An even foam spray on the entire cover body of the vehicle and since t sticks to the body of the vehicle it clears dust particles property.

Doesn't involve any hard or lengthy process. so zero fatigue for the applicator.

Hands of the applicator are not in direct touch with the foam for a longer period. hence hand are safe.

70 Ltr. water and 500ml cleaning agent s sufficient to clean 35-40 cars and 25 ltr of cleaning agent is sufficient clean more then 1500 cars.